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How much does Varicose Vein Treatment Cost?

Varicose Vein Treatment 

How much does Varicose Vein Treatment Cost? Palm SpringsVaricose veins can be a source of embarrassment as well as cause serious health issues, if left untreated for long. Innovative, minimally invasive technologies are now available to treat varicose veins quickly and effectively. During the initial consultation, the vein specialist will educate the patient about various aspects of the procedure.

The vein expert will also discuss the estimated costs of varicose vein treatment after evaluating the specific vein condition of a patient.

Board certified vascular surgeons at the Desert Vein & Vascular Institute, Dr. Pushpinder Sivia and Dr. Son Ha Yu, provide cutting edge varicose vein procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Inland Empire, Riverside, California, and surrounding communities across the geographical landscape.

Financial Aspects

A unique, minimally invasive solution to treat varicose veins is called VenaSeal. At DVVI, this innovative procedure can be performed in an office setting. Before the procedure, the treatment provider will perform an ultrasound test to diagnose the precise extent of varicose veins.

At this point, the vein specialist will explain the condition to the patient and also inform the estimated costs of treatment. DVVI offers both consultation as well as the ultrasound diagnostic procedure as complimentary services for all patients. The vein surgeon will assess the costs according to the number of varicose veins involved.

ClosureFast RF Ablation is another sought after varicose vein treatment that is available at DVVI. Patients who want to have an alternative to VenaSeal, or in cases where the vein expert suggests ClosureFast as a better solution for the patient’s varicose vein condition, this option may be chosen.

DVVI makes sure that every patient is apprised of the costs involved in a completely transparent manner. The costs will cover all the care that a patient needs, and no last-minute surprises on the sticker price will appear. Every patient is assured of personalized care and attention, and they will receive the last vein treatment procedures from board certified vascular surgeons.

Insurance and Financing

The monetary amount of VenaSeal treatment will have to be borne by the patient as an out of pocket expense because insurance will not cover this procedure. But patients can choose to have the procedure financed through professional medical care financing firms or through traditional financing avenues such as bank loans.

DVVI offers the option of CareCredit to its patients who want to get the VenaSeal procedure for varicose vein treatment financed. This will ensure that the patient does not have to make the full payment upfront, and they can pay in easy monthly installments. Alternatively, where the patients choose ClosureFast technique, the financial stipulations will usually be covered in the patient’s health plan.

At the time of the complimentary consultation before the vein procedure, the vein expert and their team at DVVI will explain about aspects such as costs, insurance and financing to the patient. Their first concern will be to ensure that the patient is able to make the right decision according to their needs.

Remarkable and dependable DVVI receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Inland Empire, Riverside, California, and other cities and suburbs in this area of SoCal for varicose vein treatments.

For more information on vein disease, call the vein specialists at Desert Vein and Vascular Institute today at (760) 568-3461 to schedule an appointment.

Vein experts Dr. Pushpinder SiviaDr. Son Ha Yu, and Dr. John Lee are taking patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Riverside and other surrounding areas of California.

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